I'm dreaming of a kind of love I have yet to see described in any book....Which I especially have never heard recommended in advice given to religious sisters...A kind of love that would be divine and himan at the same time. I'm dreaming that we could love everyone tenderly, with a tenderness which, even though it springs from a human heart, would be so much of God that it wouldn't inevitably lead to some sort of psychological or emotional imbalance.

Why can't we love in a way that is both passionate and yet very pure? Don't you think that that should be possible?...

I assure you, the world needs love...I want to love every person in the whole world...I want to scatter sparks of love to the four corners of the earth...Why shouldn't it set the whole world blazing?

I am nothing, but Jesus has given me a tiny spark of his love. We can't continue to let people suffer all around us and not go out to them under the pretext that we have to protect ourselves, like a soldier who, in order to keep his uniform impeccably clean, avoids the mud of the trenches and the danger of bullet wounds.

Little Sister Magdelene of Jesus (+1989) founded the Little Sisters of Jesus in the Algerian Sahara.


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